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Magnetic Confinement Fusion

Tokamak "T" schemes

Research and Development: Scientific & Technological Innovation on energy

The Theoretical  & Experimental Fusion Platform, operated by the Fusion Research Group (GIF, spanish acronyms) has the fundamental interest to develop scientific and technological fusion research through two Magnetic Confinement Devices: 

Both Tokamak configurations has been entirely developed by the GIF.

The First One: is a medium and advanced Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak design called "T" this design is actually reinforced by a second small tokmak device:

The Experimental Spherical Torus (ST) called “TEA-T” (Experimental Tokamak to support "T") designed to improve: The conceptual proposal design of our advanced medium size Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak: "T", establishing an open discussion to generate attractive & advanced magnetic configurations: Low Aspect Ratio & Spherical Torus.

Our Theoretical  & Experimental Fusion Platform is conformed by scientists of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Faculty (FIME, spanish acronyms) and the Physics and Mathematics Sciences Faculty (FCFM, spanish acronyms) of the Nuevo Leon State University (UANL, spanish acronyms).

The Theoretical & Experimental Fusion Platform is integrated into the UANL effort to develop New Energy Systems.



Formation of high qualified human resources in this ​​advanced research area, as well as the generation, innovation and development of science and technology applied in fusion.

Research Areas:


  • Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)

  • Transport of Particles and Radiation

  • Physics and Engineering at Accelerators and Particle Beams / Fueling

  • Engineering on reaction chambers design / Interaction Radiation-Matter

  • Superconductivity

  • Control and Power Engineering

  • Cryogenics

  • Nuclear: Physics and Engineering

  • Diagnostics Techniques

At this stage our Theoretical  & Experimental Fusion Platform has connections and human resources working with: 


Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Fed.

Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión por Confinamiento Magnético, Spain (EURATOM)


The starting financial project was the PROMEP UANL-EXB-156 of the Mexican Secretary of Public Education.

Poloidal Magnetic System

Toroidal Magnetic System

Topics Research: 

  • Toroidal magnetic generation field

  • Ripple

  • Electrical conductor design

  • 3D-CAD coil design

  • Electrical parameters and geometry on toroidal windings

  • 3D-CAD toroidal case design

  • Mechanical and electrical simulations

Topics Research: 

  • Poloidal magnetic field in the ohmic system

  • Central solenoid designs

  • Poloidal coil designs

  • Equlibrium magnetic systems

  • Mechanical and electrical simulations

Heating Systems

Topics Research: 

  • Ohmic plasma heating

  • Gyrotron system design - ECRH

  • NBI

  • Runaway electrons

  • Current drive and Bootstrap current

Plasma confinement studies

Topics Research: 

  • L - Mode, H- Mode

  • Plasma confinement time

  • Tokamak equilibrium - MHD stability

  • Plasma disruption parameters

  • Current ramps

Vacuum chamber designs

Topics Research: 

  • Conditions of mechanical resistance

  • Forces electromagnetic estimations

  • Strength approaches of structural elements

  • Vacuum chamber stability

  • Mechanical and thermal simulations

  • Damage on firsts wall materials

  • Vacuum chambers designs

Divertor - limiter designs

Topics Research: 

  • Radiative losses

  • Divertor heat flux

  • Scrape-off layer

Diagnosis and acquisition techniques

Control schemes


Theoretical & Experimental Fusion Platform

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