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Motor Rocket Design

Pakal: Economical Sustentation Project

Motor rocket 1
Motor Rocket 2

As part of the multiple engineering and physics projects, the GIF has worked in the development of this present design: a motor rocket impulsed by solid fuel called rocket "Pakal".


The main characteristic of our engine design is its propellant, because is composed by 65% Dextrose and 35% Potassium Nitrate becoming an excellent aerospace project starting the study and understanding of this kind of propeller, with the aim to construct a prototype with a maximum elevation of 1 km. Besides that, this is the first proposal of its class within the UANL.  

The engine is the most important part into the design of a rocket, because provides the enough boost to lift off the rocket to the sky.

This force is basically generated from the acceleration produced by the combustion of the fuel, which once is consumed, creates high temperature gases and pressures.

These are accelerated at the moment they go through the throat of the nozzle until supersonic velocities creating, on this way, the force impulse.

We obtain this, using the BATES (Ballistics Test Motors) configuration into our engine, with the purpose of obtain a neutral combustion profile. In this way, we assure the uniform combustion at the moment of burning the fuel.


Hence, we could reach 9.9 MPa pressure inside the combustion chamber, which using the  Saint - Venant fluids equations results into a gas velocity of almost 5,000 m / s.

GIF Rocket Design
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