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GIF: Fusion Research Group


Multipurpose Application Unit for Research and Innovation

The Fusion Research Group has a multipurpose computational platform used for carried out numerical calculus and multiphysics simulations and storage theoretical & experimental data base  from its several scientific and innovation projects. 

The main server is called POLAR

The services offered into the platform are these ones:

  • Remote access 

  • Secure storage of information

  • Experimental data acquisition and control systems

  • Interoperability between several operative systems

  • Numerical calculus & multiphysics simulations

The free software used in the platform provides:

  • System Stability

  • Higher performance than other private alternatives

  • Personalization

  • Implementation of developed GIF codes into the platform


The components of the supercomputing-calculation platform are 3 machines and their general functions within the platform itself.


[Panda] Workstation

[Pandita] Portable workstation

[Polar] Calculus & multiphysics simulations server

[Panda] Desktop workstation PANDA


It has Gentoo GNU / Linux and Windows 7, is designed for the elaboration of heavy mechanical designs, multiphysics simulations, programming, data acquisition and interaction with TOKAMAK "T" diagnostic systems.


Hardware: 16GB RAM Memory, 6 Core AMD Processing, nVidia Quadro Graphics


Functions: Mechanical design (e.g. SolidWorks), 2D and 3D multiphysics simulations (eg SolidWorks, COMSOL), Simulations of electrical / electronic circuits (eg KiCAD), Data acquisition system and "T"

[POLAR] Calculus & multiphysics simulations server

A SGI Altix XE250 server, with Gentoo GNU / Linux OS, thanks to its superior processing capability, POLAR takes full advantage of its server capabilities for multi-physical or numerical-intensive simulations, as well as for storage of information.


Features: Memory 32GB RAM (DDR2 @ 667Mhz); Processing] 2x Intel Xeon CPU E5420 @ 2.50GHz (8 cores in total); Storage 5x 697.5 GiB SATA-II RAID-5 Hardware (2790 GiB total)


Functions: Multi-physics 3D simulations (eg COMSOL Multiphysics); Numerical calculation (eg Octave); Intensive simulation codes (eg TBSiC, EGUN).

POLAR is the supercomputing calculation server: 


Is located in the Informatic General Direction of the U.A.N.L., is used remotely by SSH mainly. In this server, most of the multiphysics simulations presented by the GIF were and actually being done.


Services: SSH OpenSSH 6.6.1p1-hpn14v4, OpenSSL 1.0.1g; Web lighttpd 1.4.35 (ssl), PHP 5.5.12; DB MariaDB 5.5.37; VNC TightVNC Server 1.3.10

Programs: GCC 4.8.2 (C, FORTRAN, C ++, etc.); COMSOL Multiphysics 4.0b; JAVA 7 (OpenJDK Runtime Environment [IcedTea 2.4.7]

[Pandita] Portable workstation


It has Gentoo GNU / Linux and Windows 7 as the main operating systems. Due to its power and portability it allows to be used for design of electronic circuits and mechanical design, as well as visualization of heavy simulations.


Hardware: 16GB RAM Memory; Intel Core i7 processing (4 cores); Graphics nVidia Quadro 880M


Functions: Design and debugging of electronic circuits (e.g. KiCAD); Mechanical design (e.g., SolidWorks); Programming (e.g. Emacs, JAVA); Display results (e.g. GNUPlot)



Polar has 5 750 GiB hard drives in a hardware RAID-5 configuration, giving a total of 3TB of storage managed via LVM (Logical Volume Manager), as shown in the table.


Under this configuration it is possible to resize live partitions without compromising system stability, Polar partition scheme:

Partition                         Mount point            Size                File Systems 
/dev/sda1                       /boot              100 MiB                ext2       
/dev/vpolar/gentoo             /                  500 MiB               ext3 /dev/vpolar/gentoo-usr        /usr                 10 GiB               ext4 
/dev/vpolar/gentoo-var       /var                10 GiB             reiser4
/dev/vpolar/gentoo-tmp      /tmp                10 GiB             reiser4 
/dev/vpolar/gentoo-opt       /opt                10 GiB               ext4   
/dev/vpolar/modulos     /lib/modules       200 MiB                ext3 
/dev/vpolar/home              /home                1 TiB                ext4    
/dev/vpolar/swap                                     32 GiB 

We have licenses of:


Software Licenses: Comsol Multiphysics, Solidworks, Intel Fortran 90

Operative GNU Licenses in POLAR.


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