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Personnel Fusion Researchers

Current position 

Mechatronic Engineer B. Sc. student at Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Faculty - Nuevo Leon State University


2014 - at the date 

Mechatronic Engineer Bachelor Science - 5th semester
Nuevo Leon State University




Informatic skills

SolidWorks, Windows XP, 7 & 8, Proteus, POV-ray, Microsoft Office 2016.

Programation languages: C, Fortran

Previous works 

Refrigeration units

2015 - 2016 

Mechatronic Engineer Bachelor Science 
Nuevo Leon State University

Articles in extenso, Memories and/or Proceedings of International Conferences 

J.A. Gonzalez, M.Salvador, J.Martínez, A.Nieto, O.A.Muñoz, J.González, J.R.Morones, R.M.Chávez, G.R.Cavazos, V.M.Arredondo, S. Martínez, M.A.Sanromán, I.E.Morales, A.Acosta, J.V.Guzmán, C.A.Briseño.

60 GHz-300 kW Gyrotron General Design for the Mexican Tokamak "T"

FIP/P4-33, 26th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2016, IAEA-FEC 2016, Kyoto Japan, 17-22 Oct. 2016.

Posters: National Conferences

Emilio Chapa V., Alejandro Y. Domínguez A., Max Salvador H., J. Martínez T., J.A. González G., César A. Briseño C., A. Acosta P. Análisis del Electrón: interacción de energías

Feria de Ciencias - Facultad de Ciencias Físico Matemáticas, UANL, Abril 2017 


Mexican nationality

César Alejandro Briseño Cárdenas, Eng. Student

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