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Electrical Modernization Central University Campus

External and electrical double power supply to the Central University Campus   - Restructuring & redesign of the internal electrical grid.

Protection Tokamak Electrical Scheme

The Fusion Research Group presents this actual project regarding the electrical supply systems oriented to establish our  Magnetic Confinement  Experimental  Facilities  into our  Central  University Campus.

This  (R+D)  Project involves multidisciplinary physics and engineering areas  mainly those used to performing electrical studies  in low, medium and high voltage, with  main objective to establish conditions in the Electric Power System (EPS).


We define our parameters in voltage, current, frequency, to implement the correct strategies of electrical supplies (interconnections, structural composition of the feeding grid internally-externally, protection schemes, analysis of the burden demand, etc.).

The present project establish an electric engineering proposal to our University which includes studies  over the  ground  electrical system grid, and  the  quality  of  the  electrical power, as the electrical protections  schemes,  these studies were conducted  by  the  Federal Electricity Commission  (CFE, Spanish acronyms)  and  the  Fusion Research Group.


The quality analysis  of the energy  consisted of measuring (analyzer AEMC Model 3945-b Power Pad)  into  the five  constituent  internal circuits of  our Central  University Campus (CUC), the next considerations: phase imbalances (current and voltage), harmonic distortion total and individual (voltages and currents of 1-50), transient capture, presentation of the power factor, registration of  electrical interruptions and reclosing, measuring and recording quality power systems,  crest factors (voltage and current),  accurate  RMS measurements of voltage and current, presentation of phasor diagrams.

The present project is  a  general and  comprehensive review  with  a description about of  the respective electrical analysis for all internal-external grid circuits with medium voltage (13.8 kV, nominal  voltage) to avoid distortion, harmonics and transients on the power supply  for the electrical  feed  to our experimental facility, these  results  concludes with an interesting  proposal to redesign  both  electrical grids  (internal)  into  CUC-UANL  and the external one involving  the  Federal Electricity Commission ensuring  the electrical grid  stability during  the possible operation of the Tokamak “T” in the UANL Central University Campus.

Electrical simulations (Aspen and Simulink) were carried out to reinforce our electrical redesign proposal to the protection schemes on medium voltage  in the electrical external/internal grids  and in the subtransmission lines into  our  University. The main objective is to supply and protect our  magnetic confinement experimental  facility, and ensuring electrical stability. Our  proposal design of the Tokamak  “T” has a coils arrangement capable for generate 1.3  T  in the toroidal field, with a coil current range (10,000  –  30,000 A), short circuit times from 300, 500, 700 ms.

Electrical Modernization: Economical Sustentation Project

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